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Juan Lorenzo Campos Pineda, the Red Cross’ current president into the Las Palmas province, normally concerned
with the fast emergence of a impoverished middle income: “We now have
previous donors requesting our help.”

In his forty years collaborating using the Red Cross,
Campos Pineda states he's got never ever seen any such thing remotely much like what is happening to your local populace.
“Just a few days ago,” he recounts in his workplace, “in a school that is
nearby a child fainted. Whenever asked what was incorrect that it was his brother’s turn to eat.
with him, the child said”

While most individuals think about the Red Cross’ humanitarian activities as happening abroad, the truth is that, in Spain, 80
per cent of its resources focus on assisting Spaniards.
The organization’s focus on caring for the country’s own populace has surged since 2008.
Currently this requests for assistance have jumped 86 percent

Besides distributing meals, the Red Cross is helping impoverished Canarians with ‘school kits’ containing
notebooks and pencils, soap and personal care items,
meals vouchers, shelter for the homeless, as well as cash
to pay for water and power bills. “If there was need, we're there,” states Campos Pineda.

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Gran Canaria is another area of the seven, and is the most useful location for many who love water recreations.
The heritage that is natural incredible, exactly like on every one of the other islands.
It is their pure beauty that makes them therefore popular among tourists.
They appear to be still unspoiled by man's hand, and this draws
individuals from all over the world because you can find few places kept on earth that may make this claim.


The islands are incredibly normal and so beautiful.
And because the inhabitants try not to spoil
their traditions and traditions passed through generations, that it would be a shame for any tourist to select a contemporary,
rigid resort. Select a property instead. All of them are austere, traditionally decorated, and additionally they all provide impeccable accommodation conditions.
They could be found everywhere round the islands. Enjoy your stay!

We can’t identify the date of this finding regarding
the islands now known as the Canaries, but we are able to
say with certainty that they were known, or at least postulated about, in ancient
times. A continent sunk deep into the ocean floor in a great cataclysm that left only the peaks of its highest mountains above the water
in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias, Plato
(428–348 BC) spoke of Atlantis. Whether Plato believed in the continent’s that is
lost or had more allegorical motives continues to be a matter of conjecture.
In the centuries since Plato’s death, those convinced for
the existence of Atlantis have actually maintained that Macronesia (the Canary
Islands, the Azores, Cape Verde and Madeira) constitutes the visible remains regarding the lost continent.

Legend has also it that one regarding the 12 labours of Hercules was to go
directly to the end worldwide and bring back golden oranges guarded by the
Hesperides (daughters of night), offspring of Hesperis and Atlas, the latter a
Titan in Greek and Roman mythology who provided his title to the Atlantic Ocean and also the Atlas hill
ranges in Morocco. Hercules supposedly had to exceed the Pillars of Hercules (the modern Strait of Gibraltar) to reach the paradisiacal home among these maidens.
Hercules carried out his task and returned from just
what many subsequent thought could only happen the Canary Islands – in regards to the only
spot to fit the ancients description that is.